Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's been a week working on Sankara Hospital and I was very emotionally involved. This is something that I'll never forget to see poor and simple people coming in darkness and finishing the process seeing the world.

 Sankara is working on 20/20 vision, which is to build 20 Sankara Eye Hospitals across rural area in India by 2020.

Today, 11 Sankara eye hospitals has been built in India and operating with the help of donations.

Examination process

Sankara was first formed in 1977 by Dr. Ramani to provide health care for poor.

In 1990, Dr. Ramani established a 3H program, HELP, HUNGER, HUMANITY and specialized the hospital for eye care with the vision of "Work towards freedom from preventable and curable blindness".

Today, Sankara hospital operates more than 200 patient "daily" for FREE  OF CHARGE to help poorest of the poor to cure their blindness.Please spread the word around, even just to watch the video. Because, these people really need your help.

Did you know, it only takes US$30 to give a vision back to a blind person?

If you could spend your time of 30 seconds to watch this video, Sankara will be very appreciate.

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